Privacy statements

General data

Across all of my Web-services following data is being collected: date of access, IP-address, User-Agent, referer URL, request URL.

Use of JavaScript

JS is used on a main website at a guestbook page to refresh CAPTCHA; at mindflow page to filter posts by categories.

Radio service uses JS to update Last N songs list section, and to get current radio statistics.

Files service uses JS to add functionality such as an overlay to view files without the need to leave a site, and implements some keyboard control for convenience.

Upload service specific

Every action (upload, download, and delete) is being logged and includes this additional data:

  1. File's name it was uploaded/downloaded with;
  2. Unsalted SHA-256 hash of a file;
  3. A salted hash encoded as base64 in raw URL variant that is used to download/delete a file;
  4. File's size.

And I will cooperate with law enforcements and provide them with all information (logs and a file itself if it is still present).

As already stated at Upload service's page, file's content must comply with law of Russian Federation. Anything like extremist materials, CP, and so on is forbidden.