Here lies everything I've made that I'm willing to share.


These articles are more like the sysadmin's notes. I describe those parts here that I did myself. The date here represents when article was updated last time.

Hardening Mikrotik
NGiNX's recipes & tips
Setting up a mail server
Setting up a Tor proxy, relay and hidden service
How to move a root from SD card to external drive on Raspberry Pi

Programs and scripts

Simple, yet useful (at least for me) programs and scripts I made.

httpr0.3.2 (20 September 2023)GoMITsourcereleases

A simple HTTP router that supports having both regular and parametrised path's parts at the same level, like /assets/*filepath and /:a/:b with the same HTTP method.

Yeah, not as efficient as httprouter is, but in my case no performance loose was noticed (on a small amount of paths). Yet I gained prettiness because it allowed me, for example, to ditch /f/ part and leave just /:hash/:name instead of /f/:hash/:name in a dwelling-upload service.

justguestbook1.3.2 (22 May 2023)GoMITsource

A simple guestbook with owner's replies implementation made into a library.

justcaptcha2.1.0 (12 August 2023)GoMITsource

A simple CAPTCHA implementation.

kwh-cost1.1.1 (23 September 2023)CMIT+NIGGERsource

KWh cost calculator in C.

httpprocprobed2.0.1 (4 February 2023)GoMIT+NIGGERsource

It returns a list of processes and if they are running in a JSON, XML or plain text format via HTTP GET request on /processes endpoint. Under the hood it searches a /proc/ directory. It is being used on about page to show wether service's running or not.

ScrapTheChan0.5.0 (3 May 2021)PythonMITsourcereleases

Imageboards file scraper using theirs JSON API. Currently supported:,, and

OpenNIC active domains extraction script10 July 2020BashMITsource

Bash script for BIND9 that extracts domains from zone files of OpenNIC and forms a list of domains that have an IP-address.

PiggyBank1.0.0 (8 July 2020)PythonMITsourcereleases

A program to help you to keep track of your piggy bank. A simple script I once wrote that I rewrote and made into a package just to learn how to do it.


There was a period in my life when I was playing with audio sequencers. I lost all project files and only 3 tracks survived in mp3 that you can get here.