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-(@ @)-



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found this on notbob's list, sending my regards!

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База eepsite. Спасиб за Battletoads и песни.

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Пожалуйста. :)

#69 by Penis_man on

awesome website!

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Good spot, thanks for the zines

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Вибирай життя. Викликай Волгу.

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Jews are fucking up the world! White nations should wake and unite!

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Looks pretty cool! Great job bro.

#64 by Anonymous on

what software do you use to setup your online radio? I would like setup my own when I get my website up and running.

Reply by Arav on

Currently use a self-written solution for playlist managing (just one playlist at the moment, but could be easily extended) and a simple listeners statistics. Then Ezstream takes song by song from there and streams audio to Icecast. Listeners statistics is being updated using Icecast's listener authentication. There are listener_add and listener_remove options.

Before that a Liquidsoap was used. But it failed to play most of audio files for no known reason. Its logs said nothing on why it was constantly reloading a playlist.

And, it is relatively heavy on CPU (23-25%) and memory (hmm, don't remember, but something like over 100MB), unlike Ezstream which constantly reports 0% CPU utilization and occupies just 9MB of RAM. But Ezstream is just about streaming OGG files to Icecast. No functionality for live shows, audio files only.

Take a look at my radio source code, configs, scripts:

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Хороший сайт

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nice website

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#61 by Moo on

Found your site off its very neat, I might follow in your footsteps.

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Hmm, heh. Welcome!

#60 by sd on

number 60! have a great day!

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\m/ Hope your day's great too!

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never mind. the clear web link seems to be down as well.

#58 by Anonymous on

very nice site!! great job. definetly going to bookmark this site much love from Canada.! :) everything on the site seems to work good over i2p except the radio station. it was loading fine at first but then started having issues with it buffering.. now it wont load at all will try again later. and it seems to be just the i2p stream because the (tor link) and (clear web link.)works really well and no issues with the radio.

Reply by Arav on

HI! Thank you, appreciate that. :)

Speaking of problems you faced, well, still no issues was noticed over i2p for over 32 minutes, and neither do clearnet have any. Will be watching. Looks like a classical "works on my machine" situation. xD Dunno what happens, cause logs don't give any clues, everything looks perfectly fine, I have a radio restarted maybe it will help.

There was another issue reported about my file share that some files weren't accessible, but I could open them perfectly fine. Like this time, I've tested it from my PC and phone. Well...

UPD: Hmm, and 10 minutes since I wrote this post the radio suddenly stopped working on I2P, stop/start in an i2p console fixed this. Hmm...

#57 by wine_was_black on

i2p rocks \m/

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\m/ Always had lesser headache with it. Even less than with clearnet, lol. \m/

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erm what the deuce

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What? Is something looks wrong to your taste? :)

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Why are you not mobilised yet?

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With my category of fitness I will be mobilised only during the general moblisation. I didn't serve in the army due to health conditions.

P.S.: mobilisation isn't going since 31 October.

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Hi Arav, nice eepSite you have. Already bookmarked! Yeah. Thanks for creating content to the network :-) best regards Cosmo

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Hi! Glad to read that. :)

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/ \\


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(( ))

(( : ))

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(( ))

( )


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Heya from i2p! Happened upon your website while searching for eepsite lists and happened upon yours. Cute little setup you have going~ cheers!

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#50 by Anonymous on

neat severs pal. i hope i can get to a level like that one day. how's life in russia, do you live in a city or small town?

regards, anon

Reply by Arav on

Thanks. Wish you luck finding a good machine. :)

I live in the rather large city of Saratov. How's life here..? :) Let's say I don't complain much. :)

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Hallo. :)

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Proverka raz dva

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Pssssh-pssssh. Slyshu vas otlichno! Pssh.

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cool site, found on i2p, spent here like half an hour. cool stuff

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i got here by searching the +NIGGER license on google its on the 1st page too thats pretty cool

cool site

holy shit your fucking captcha sucks ass

absolute aids cancer

Reply by Arav on

Lel, definitely not the type of query I'd like my site to be found by. xD

Yeah, sometimes my captcha generates completely unreadable shit.xD But it does what it was created for. Finally, no spam. :)

#45 by m0rd0r on

Thank you for this eep. You have some good content my friend. Keep it up :)

#44 by Anonymous on

Hey just want to say i really like your site.

Motivated me to make my own.

Also really digging the tunes, I crank your station most days

Keep up the good work!

Reply by Arav on

Hi! Come back to give the link when you're ready!

I will. :)

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[here was spam]

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Is this captcha too easy for todays bots? Or... o_O You're doing this manually? O_O

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ping :3

Reply by Arav on

pong :3

#41 by Anonymous on

Fun site! I enjoyed my journey through it.

I feel less bad about my server being an old, upside down laptop with a whiny fan I got as a gift now :D

Cheers from i2p!

Reply by Arav on

You're welcome!

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Hello from Denshi on i2p!

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Hi! Welcome!

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Based, burn witches

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i eat ass

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cheers to the only file sharing website on i2p!

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Haha, yeah, I kek'd when saw this on notbob.i2p. :)

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Cool website.

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Easier on turns!

Reply by Arav on

I honestly don't understand what are you trying to say. Is that some content here that bothers you? Just tell me, directly. :)

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hello from the /tttt/ board

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On your place I so did not do.

#32 by Albertcer on

Excuse, that I interfere, I too would like to express the opinion.

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...snatch coal at night. :)

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It is not logical

Reply by Arav on

>t. spammer with a link to porn who forgot to uncheck "Hide website" checkbox.

Could you please be more specific on what exactly seems to be illogical to you? :)

#29 by Dinesh on

Denshi wuz here.

Reply by Arav on

Welcome. :) Removed those two duplicates. :)

#28 by Kernel on

But is time to go for me again.

Reply by Arav on

Have a good wandering. :) Remember, you're always welcome.

#27 by Kernel on

Never ending travels brought me in this peaceful place.

#26 by Anonymous on

eeps over onion 100% of the time

Reply by Arav on

Yeah, I2P FTW. :)

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Deavmi here, nice site

Reply by Arav on

Welcome. Thanks. :)

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#23 by Sarotar on

For the glory of Lain.

#22 by Anonymous on

It's a great web, I like it.

#21 by ריהוט גן on

"Itís difficult to find experienced people for this topic, however, you seem like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks"

#20 by Anoneemoose on

Let's all love Lain.

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Good gradually.

#18 by Albertcer on

It is remarkable, rather useful piece

#17 by AndrewTwilm on

Speak directly.

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many were here, cause no links are allowed i will name it,

Hyperbola is a useful system :-]

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F U <3

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:3 U 2 <3

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